Redesigning youtube

Mobile design project

Project Details

When given the task to redesign a mobile feature or service I immediately knew what I wanted to do. I've had the Youtube app in my phone for ages but I never used it, mainly because I think it's poorly designed and hard to navigate. Me and my team decided to do something about it. Our aim was to make it cleaner, better looking and more user friendly by making the functions easy to find and placed in a logical way.

To succeed we did research on similar services and a lot of user testing as well as talking to users about their experiences with the app. We created several alternatives for new functions and tested all the new features before we added them to the new design. In the project I worked with both UX and UI as well as the graphic design. I also conducted interviews and user observations. The programs we used in the process was Sketch, Marvel and After effects. The end product can be watched below or in high quality if you press the button "View video"

  • Created at Hyper Island
  • Created by Ida Reimers
  • Sandra Ă–ster
  • Darryl Sterling East
  • Time Jan 2015