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Project Details

Svenska dagbladet, one of Sweden’s biggest newspapers, has a lifestyle magazine named Perfect Guide which comes out in print every saturday. The magazine is well known for its weekend guides and has a lot of faithful readers. Their current readers are 35 years and older, earn and consume above average and are early adopters mainly living in big cities. Like most traditional newspapers Svenska Dagbladet is struggling with a declining number of subscribers due to the increased number of news consumption online. Therefore they need to constantly explore new revenue streams.

About the project

Our job was to during a 5 week period make a digital edition of Perfect Guide. In order to do so we collaborated with different departments at SvD in workshops and briefings. The brief was to not only transfer the magazine to a digital format but to come up with a solution that felt like a new, constantly updated digital product. In doing so our mission was to deliver a new article format that could easily be read and shared online and could handle different types of media content as well as both traditional and native advertising. We also delivered a newsletter with the purpose to gain new faithful subscribers and a solution for integrating Perfect Guide with

Process and deliveries

The biggest challenge was to create a product that would attract their current readers as well as a new younger target group and to find smart ways to place the advertising so it wouldn’t feel intrusive but still be clearly labeled. I was in charge of the UX design in the project and part of the concept creation. We held workshops together with SvD where we co-created personas and an impact map and later iterated on different design solutions. I did research on the new target groups, media consumption, a user journey and analysis of the market. I drew different types of interfaces, created wireframes and wrote copy. I organized and conducted observations and interviews with users and held client presentations where I presented the results as a foundation for our further collaboration.

This project is one of the most fun I’ve worked with so far, mainly because of the work process and the high level of collaboration with my colleagues and the customer. Since we didn’t have a lot of time it was sometimes stressful but also a very enriching experience. It’s amazing what you can accomplish on a tight deadline.

  • Agency Adore you
  • Company Svenska dagbladet
  • Role UX/UI, Research
  • Time 2016
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