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Project Details

Mekonomen is one of Europe’s biggest dealers of spare parts for your car. They are developing a new platform for their B2C website

About the project

Having a broad range of users with different experiences and needs made this project quite a challenge. The site has to work just as good for workshop owners, hobby mechanics buying spare parts on a regular basis as well as new customers with little knowledge of cars and car parts. Our job was to improve current solutions for all steps of the purchase funnel. We also added new functions to the check out such as login and product displays for upselling, hopefully without risking any decrease in conversion.

Process and deliveries

I wanted to increase the visibility of the different levels of categories by designing several versions of mega, left aligned and mobile menus. The goal was to find a solution that makes it easier to access the navigation in different sub-categories and enhances the user’s ability to orientate. I’ve also worked with product filters and sorting alternatives, templates for homepage, category and product pages and different modules for lists and product displays. Search and search results was given extra care and I’ve tried to map out all the different scenarios to make sure the user would never hit a dead end.

In order to deliver we made a customer journey map from the insights we gathered. Before I was involved my company held workshops together with Mekonomen and the developers where they worked with creating a new impact map and updated personas. I’ve done research on the target groups, the Mekonomens competition and E-commerce in general. I’ve planned and conducted user tests and interviews to better understand the users and find suitable solutions to current design and new additions.

New requirements and needs made the updates we did a lot bigger than was originally intended so we had to re-plan and do new estimations along the way. Being the biggest E-commerce project I’ve worked with I’ve gained a lot of new knowledge, especially about CRO and SEO. It has been highly enjoyable since I find the e-commerce area very interesting. Since this project is so big I’d be happy to talk more about the process and methods used as well as showing the result to you in person.

  • Agency Adore You
  • Company Mekonomen
  • Role UX Desing, Research
  • Time 2016
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