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To stay relevant for journalists is one of Mynewsdesk’s biggest challenges. The journalist platform is where our customers can reach out with their content to the right people and where journalists can subscribe to company news and monitor their industries of interest. Therefore it is a highly valuable platform. In spite of that, nothing has been made to site since it was built nine years ago. The aim then was to be the search engine for company news. With the rise of Google and social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, that is not the case today and Mynewsdesk has realised that changes must be made and new services must be developed.


the project When I started at Mynewsdesk I was asked to look at ways that we could create a new part of the platform and incorporate it into the current part. That later became Content Market which is a matchmaking service between companies and freelance writers and content creators. Companies can post jobs and freelancers can put up their portfolios and pitch ideas to companies. With the goal to increase the number of journalists on our platform we also decided to to something about the rest of the site to make it feel more updated and to find out who our target users are, how they work, what they need and what opportunities we have.

Process and deliveries

I’ve been responsible for the UX design, parts of the visual design and the research. For Content market I created mock-ups and the first prototype, I sent out a survey and conducted interviews and observations with our target group. We found out what is important to have in a portfolio, how you search for jobs today as a freelancer, what’s important when you negotiate payment and the view of journalism today. I’ve also created the new site structure, flowcharts, and wireframes.


For the journalist discovery I’ve met with reporters and editors working with public service, traditional news, news magazines, lifestyle and industry papers and done in-depth interviews, sometimes in the field. I’ve researched journalistic trends, how you work today as a journalist and new media revenue streams and media formats.

I led the work of analyzing the collected data using affinity diagramming to turn it into insights, personas and user journey maps together with my colleagues.

Evaluation of the current site

As part of the discovery I did an evaluation of the current site where I used Hotjar to record users and make heatmaps. I also used a method called Heuristic mark-up to get a sense of what needs to fixed. Together with a data analyst colleague I’ve looked at analytics from the sites tracking. We found that only a small percentage of those who logged in actually created any news alerts or started following any companies and the never log in again.


To share our findings, learn from project stakeholders and get a sense of people's expectations I facilitated a workshop focusing on the sites current problems, opportunities and what we want the platform to be in the future.

Content Market is currently in beta and the work with the redesign on the rest of the journalist platform is ongoing.

  • Company Mynewsdesk
  • Role UX/UI Research
  • Time 2017-2018
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