Instant testdrive

Project Details

Instant Test Drive was my first project as a UX Designer at DDB Stockholm and the first one to go live. Volkswagen Instant Test Drive is an easier way to test drive a Volkswagen. Instead of visiting a retailer, the car comes to your current address.

Process and deliveries

Instant Test Drive is a map service consisting of two apps, one web app for the public and one native android app for the drivers working with the service. I worked with both apps. I was responsible for the Information architecture on the project and worked in an iterative process creating wireframes and prototypes. I also created user flows and wrote use cases. I started creating lo-fi prototypes on paper and then made them more and more advanced. The prototypes were tested and evaluated in between every iteration.

I put a lot of work into the steps of booking the car so that the users would have the most effortless experience. I spent a lot of time working with details such as transitions, animations, icons and copy. The biggest challenge was to design for both native and web at the same time and figure out how the two apps should sync with some tricky corner cases. I also worked with remote developers. The service was released in early spring 2016.

  • Agency Nord DDB
  • Company Volkswagen
  • Role UX/IA
  • Time 2015
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