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Project Details

This was a project we created together with Pernod Ricard Sweden, owner of The Absolut Company. We got a creative brief from them where they asked us to find a new way of communicating between the users and the brand. Absolut Vodka owns seven different brands and we chose to work with their new start up brand Our/Vodka. The brief was named "Connecting Bottles" and the challenge we got were to create a way to connect the physical bottle to a digital platform. The service should be packaged as a responsive website with mobile first thinking. I had the role of UX Designer and developer. I co-created the concept, did wireframes, research and parts of the coding.

Concept and deliveries

Our/vodka is a global yet local brand that lets entrepreneurs in each country produce their own vodka in their own distilleries with grains that are locally produced, that way each city's vodka is different from one another. The service we created provides the customer with a mobile city guide with destinations carefully selected by the local Our/vodka teams. That way the guide would be unique. The guide locates where you are and is working in all cities where they have a distillery. The bottle has a crown cap that when removed works as a “currency” at the places on the map. The customer can visit the place leave the cap there and then claim a special offer. This way the cap isn’t just thrown away.

For this project I worked with the design and development of the webpage as well as the concept itself. We put a lot of focus into making this a mobile first experience. The site is built with Sass, Foundations framework and Google maps API that collects data from spreadsheets. My biggest learning from this project was to work with different map solutions and API:s, something I haven't done before. For this project we had 6 weeks.

  • Agency Hyper island
  • Company Pernod ricard, Absolut
  • Role UX/UI Development
  • Time 2015