Mitt Försvarsmakten

A project for The Swedish Armed Forces

Project Details

Mitt Försvarsmakten is a CRM system developed to help The Swedish Armed Forces reach potential recruits and give them the right information about the organisation based on personal interests. The target group is 16-25 year olds who might consider a career within the Armed Forces.

After you’ve registered an account at Mitt Försvarsmakten you’re asked to fill in questions about yourself, like what you’ve studied and worked, your personality and what areas within the Swedish Armed Forces you are interested in. You will then get information from the authority based on your answers emailed to you.

Since filling in questionnaires might not be people's favourite thing to do, we tried to make the process feel more interesting and fun by making the system a bit like Linkedin and gamify it(not yet implemented).

My job was to develop this concept and figure out how everything would work. I wanted the process to feel like you did something for yourself and your future by using Mitt försvarsmakten. I also wanted to make the experience as easy as possible by avoiding asking questions that we knew the answer to, for example if the user is under 18 we already know he or she doesn’t have a drivers licence.

I spent a lot of time working on the order of the questions and how to formulate them so that they would sound more natural and appealing. I formulated goals for the project and a strategy to achieve them. I made user flows, wireframes and built a prototype. I also tried to make the registration process as quick and pain free as possible since this usually decreases the conversion rate.

  • Client The Swedish Armed Forces
  • Agency DDB Stockholm
  • Time Nov 2015-Feb 2016