The Ikea Brief

Concept and prototyping for Ikea

Project Details

Me and my team of four classmates were given a brief from Ikea were they asked us to develop a new concept, wireframes and a prototype. The project was 7 weeks long. Due to a non-disclosure agreement I can't show or talk about the result or exactly what we did. The project involved making extensive user research, as well as mapping out the competition and the market. We developed a lot of different prototypes and conducted several user tests so that we could present a brand new digital solution for Ikea's creative team. We also held in a workshop for our client. This project was a great experience for me since I got to test my UX-skills as well as my leadership skills.

For this project I was head of design. I lead the groups creative processes and created a design strategy for us to work by. I also created and tested some of the prototypes, held in interviews with the users, took part in the creating of the concept and did parts of the end design. We used numerous prototyping tools and different kind of brainstorming methods. I'd be happy to tell you more about the project in person. Please contact me for references from Ikea.

  • Client Ikea
  • Created at Hyper Island
  • Time Nov-Dec 2014