Redefining success

A project for Procter and gamble

Project Details

This brief came from Procter and gamble who wanted us to create a new concept for the Hugo Boss fragrance line Hugo. The mission was to reach men in the age of 18-25 with a new marketing concept. Since perfume brands like Hugo has lost a lot of customers to spray deodorant the felt they had the need to change direction. The brand wants to market themselves as the fragrance for people striving for success in their lives. We in our group believed that not everyone can identify with the persons in their current commercials so, we wanted to re define the view of what success is.

My contribution was to be part of creating the concept, write the script and the concept description. The end result is a case movie we did for our pitch presentation to communicate the feeling of our concept. A concept that we wanted to give more value to the brand and give something back to the user, a concept to spread in all their social medias, a concept to break their previous commercial patterns.This project was created and executed in 2 days and we were a team of 5 people developing this concept. The end result can be viewed in the video below.

  • Client Procter and gamble
  • Created at Hyper Island
  • Time Nov 2014