These are some of the cases I've worked with

Content market & Journalist discovery

Mynewsdesk 2017-2018

Content market is a new service on Mynewsdesk's platform made for journalists. It is built to meet the clients need for content and freelance writers need for marketing and assignments. The rest of the platform also is also up for a big renewal. We took the opportunity to learn as much as we can about how journalists work today to find out how to best improve the experience.

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Case journalist discovery

Mekonomen e-commerce experience

Mekonomen Oct-Dec 2016

At Mekonomen’s home page you’ll find the locations of their stores and workshop’s, book repairs and services and buy spare parts, tools, and accessories for your car. Having approximately 1.000.000 products and many categories makes the need for good navigation, search, filtering and sorting essential. The demand to quickly find the right products that fit your car is high. E-commerce is a big and important part of and has been my biggest focus area during the project.

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Perfect guide by Svd

Svenska dagbladet Sep-oct, 2016

Svenska dagbladet, one of Sweden’s biggest newspapers, has a lifestyle magazine named Perfect Guide which comes out in print every saturday. The magazine is well known for its weekend guides and has a lot of faithful readers. In this project we, together with our client turned the magazine into a digital experience with the aim to build a modern, constantly updated lifestyle platform that would attract a new generation of readers.

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Case Perfect guide
Case mitt Försvarsmakten

Mitt Försvarsmakten

Swedish armed forces Jan-May 2016

One of the Swedish armed forces biggest challenges is to get people to apply to their military education programs, especially girls. Mitt Försvarsmakten is a CRM system developed to help The Swedish Armed Forces reach potential recruits and give them the right information about the organisation based on personal interests. The target group is 16-25 year olds who might consider a career within the Armed Forces.

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VW Instant test drive

Volkswagen Sep-Dec, 2015

Instant Test Drive is a map service consisting of two apps, one web app for the public and one native android app for the drivers working with the service. I worked with both apps. The service was created as a campaign for Volkswagen. The mission was to get more people to test drive Volkswagens cars by letting the cars come to you instead of having to visit a retailer. At the same time you could drive yourself from A to B instead of taking public transportation or taxi.

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Case Instant testdrive
Case Connecting bottles

Connecting bottles

Absolut Company Mar-Apr, 2015

I created the web app Our places for Absolut’s startup brand Our vodka together with two classmates at Hyper island. We got the assignment to find a way to connect a physical bottle with a web based platform and explore new ways for Absolut to communicate with ther audience. Our places is a map service, curated by locals where you can discover new places in a city where they produce Our vodka.

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The Ikea brief

Ikea Oct-Dec, 2014

Me and my team were given a brief from Ikea were they asked us to develop a new digital concept, wireframes and a high fidelity prototype. We were given the challenge to come up with a new way to search for inspiration at Ikea’s digital platform and to renew their inspirational pages called “Livet hemma”.

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Case Ikea brief


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